Friday, 15 February 2013

Best Firmware for Samsung Galaxy K

ROM: M130K_VF23_froer.MoD_v3.3_rooted (gingerbread 2.3.4)

KERNEL: Tegrak-Kernel-Build-25-for-M130K-VF23 (optional as this ROM is already rooted after install - this is just needed for applying the ext4 partition format)


- sms unlimited characters (no limitation - no need for go sms pro or handcent sms - no error)
- no korean apps (its like a generic unbranded rom)
- super fast ext4 partition format - use tegrak for this
- rooted already - enjoy!!!

this is based on my experience. after installing the rom, kernel and d tegrak app from google play please do not root your phone using tegrak app because it is already rooted and doing so will only unroot your phone (the only use of tegrak app is to apply lagfix all to convert your partition from rfs to ext4). also the superuser app will tell you that there is an update, please do so but never update it again right after even if it will say update again. doing it will also break the root status of your phone.

enjoy your superphone!


HERE IS THE TUTORIAL ON HOW TO UPGRADE YOUR M130K w/ KOREAN FIRMWARE TO M130K_VF23_froer.MoD_v3.3_rooted - 99.99% ENGLISH FIRMWARE (gingerbread 2.3.4)


1. Computer (XP or Windows 7 OS)
2. MicroUSB cable
3. Samsung Galaxy K M130K (Super Android Smartphone)


1. Samsung Kies (latest version - download it from Samsung's Site)
2. Odin3 v3.04 (flashing software)
3. ROM (M130K_VF23_froer.MoD_v3.3_rooted)
4. Kernel (Tegrak-Kernel-Build-25-for-M130K-VF23)


1. Install Samsung Kies - the purpose of this is just for the pc to be installed with the needed drivers for it to detect your smartphone - you will not use this in the actual flashing of the rom
2. Download Odin, ROM and Kernel
3. Backup all the files, contact etc to your computer (its up to you)
4. Turn off your Galaxy K
5. Press Home and hold the Power key to access download mode (shows a yellow triangle and android logo in the screen)
6. Open ODIN and connect your Galaxy K to PC (wait for the Yellow Mark "Ex. [COM:34]" to appear)
7. Tick the box beside PDA Button and click the PDA button
8. Locate the M130K_VF23_froer.MoD_v3.3_rooted.tar (it should be on a .tar form - unrar first if it's in .rar form)
9. Click the Start Button and wait until the message on the box says "Pass"
10. Your Device will reboot (it will take a little sometime for this so please wait)
12. Unplug the Device and wait til the phone opens (default in Korean Language so change it to English by going to settings - make sure you have memorize the location of this in the settings first especially if you don't know korean - take note of the icon)
13. Done Flashing the firmware VF23 ROOTED by FROER


1. Turn off your Galaxy K
2. Press Home and hold the Power key to access download mode again (yellow triangle with Android logo)
3 Run ODIN again and Connect your device to usb until it will be detected and COM something appears
4. Tick again the box beside PDA Button and click the PDA button also
5. Locate the Tegrak-Kernel-Build-25-for-M130K-VF23.tar
6. Click the Start Button and wait until the message on the box says "Pass"
7. The device will again reboot

Note: After flashing the tegrak kernel you will notice that whenever you restart your device there is this somewhat a startup script running - that is just ok and normal, don't worry.


1. Download and install TEGRAK KERNEL App from Google Play (Android Market)
2. Run "TEGRAK KERNEL App" and "Enable tegrak lagfix (all)"
3 Your Device will reboot again (it will run a script on startup. when you see failed to lstat /system/app/VisualizationWallpapers.apk. err=2 (No such file or directory) just press theHome button and it will continue. What it does is it actually converts your phone's partition fromrfs (old format) to ext4 (latest and fast - minimize lags). When its done it will say press any key... Just press Home button and it will reboot.
4. Your job is complete. Now do your thing...


Download Links:

ODIN3 v3.04: download link
VF23 ROM: download link
SAMSUNG USB DRIVER: download link
BONUS!!! Best Mms.apk:  download link

P.S. If you don't see any importance of installing kies software then you may instead install the USB DRIVER - enough for your pc to identify your device (taken from the latest kies software).

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