Wednesday, 7 May 2014

Free Ufone 3G

Ufone offered free 3G services in Karachi, Lahore and Islamabad till 10th May 2014.

However it is not confirmed that they will extened this free service more...
Internet buckets are not yet ready to announce and some leaked packed are seen over the air in past few days, disappointing many of the dedicated loyal customers of Ufone PTML, as these leaked packages shows the internet buckets rate are significantly high :O

Another point to addon, 3G services are offered in few basic regions of the above mentioned cities, so not all customers of Ufone will be able to enjoy the newly offered service of unlimited upload/download at 10mbps...

Now lets wait a few days to see the PTML's next move in development of 3G services across the country :)

Update: Just recevied a text message from Ufone 3G, the limit of 3G trial in pakistan till 10th May is now extended! Hence we can enjoy a few more days of totally free high speed internet on our phones! :)