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LATEST FROER ROM: M130K_WC21@froer_MoD.Final_0506.7z


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Froer's note: (translated using google translate)

Posted by froer 2012-5-6 17:58

WC21 should be the last official 2.3.6 and a ROM! So there is to do the idea of ​​a final version of the ROM, but usually too busy, on and off for more than a month before the spare time. BS! Play a day found no bugs, perfect, at least in his own heart, supporting the S3 price to a reasonable level should be no problem (I hope and ideas to see S3 version), we Liugejinian

1, Chinese the M130K official WC21 firmware to support Chinese and English language;
Amendment Chinese SMS program operators to correctly identify the GSM character, to amend the largest recipient (100), to write the content of messages more than six automatic conversion for MMS;
3, off by default the automatic dialing of network roaming, dual clock roam;
Amendments to communication records do not display the message record;
5, the amendment to reject the automatic SMS reply function;
6, for the M130K compile the drop-down six key switch, quick switch to increase the data network;
7, exclusive to crack Diopen input method support, Qwery, Jiugong, handwriting, full-screen handwriting four input method;
8, Galaxy S2, transparent weather and clock widget and odex of;
9, system components, the Galaxy S2, icons beautify;
10, repair of characters missing from the date of the lock screen "to repair the missing characters in the message dialogue program" Day ";
11, modify the Camera shutter button to mute (focus sound unmodified)
12, update the Google, Google search, Gmail, components
13, the ROM to minimize modifications system program odex, zipalign optimization

ROM is why the state does not ROOT release?
ROOT is very simple, but ROOT ROM restore the original clean ROM too much trouble, so according to their own ROOT.
The weather component why not use the data of Sina?
Do you think China's official weather forecast on the quasi-? AccuWeather weather data released by the independent company.

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