Friday, 6 December 2013

Iphone Developers are now on Boom!

Computer and Mobile Technology is a vastly growing industry in Pakistan... from last few years the world is struggling for achieving the best performance from available resources in their current hardware. Software development industry is continuously forcing the hardware vendors to produce more and more powerful hardware to run their apps and applications!

Most prominent mobile operating systems which stands out on mobile platforms are android and apple ios. Current situation in Pakistan is most likely to share the biggest portion of development to the mobile development, and is rapidly increasing day by day.

From last few months especially after the release of IOS 7 from Apple, the sales and resale of Apple Iphone have created a swirl in mobile pakistani phone market, its like the iphone took a rebirth in Pakistan, leaving android a bit behind because of its cheap manufactures, degraded performance and some unaddressed issues.

IPhone Developers in pakistan are now on a staged condition for the new era to arrive "2014 the age of smartphones", and just as the January will pass, the apple developers will be committed to work on a more a promising pay and will be presented a huge workload to balance and finish.