Monday, 23 June 2014

Iphone: Bring back (our beloved) facetime on Ufone and Telenor (now Mobilink,Warid and Zong also) network IPhones

[Note:] This is my old post from last year focusing on ufone and telenor only, but now i have patched all networks configurations so im updating them here! 

Hello all,
Three days back I got and update on my IPhone for carrier settings, as normal i updated it. It just took a second and everything seems fine! First thing I noticed the carrier name "PK-UFONE" turned to "Ufone" and it looked quite pleasing :)

But as the day passed and on that night later i want to call my cousin in New York, i realized my facetime app was missing. i quickly popped down the search bar and types facetime and the results only showed facebook, but no facetime. It was a great disappointment :( how ufone blocked my my facetime i was really very angry!
Well searching well on the internet i met miTime, but it required jalibreak, but im not a very big fan of JB n planned to search something else.

Long story short, i have found the hack to unlock facetime again and here it is explained:

The carrier setting in IOS are called Carrier bundles, in these bundles all the carrier provided settings are deployed to iphone including limitations and restrictions on changing apn and blocking facetime as well.

Step 1.

First unlock iTunes to enable detection of carrier config files
Out of the box, iTunes will not usually allow bundles to be sideloaded onto an iOS device. To make iTunes play nice, it’s easily fixed
For Mac OS X; open up and paste in the following;
defaults write carrier-testing -bool true
For Windows, open up Run (Winkey+R) and paste the following;

"%ProgramFiles%\iTunes\iTunes.exe" /setPrefInt carrier-testing 1
 "C:\Program Files (x86)\iTunes\iTunes.exe” /setPrefInt carrier-testing 1
If you’re running Windows x64 bit, do this instead:

Step 2

Download your network's (facetime enabled) iphone-carrier-config (ipcc) file:

old_Ufone: download
old_Telenor: download

[New additions:]
Ufone: download
Telenor: download
Warid: download
Mobilink: download
Zong: download

(Old files are for IOS 7.1.x)

Step 3

Loading .ipcc Files onto an iPad or iPhone with iTunes
Now that carrier mode is enabled, you can load carrier files onto the iOS device. In either OS X or Windows:
  1. Connect the iOS device to the computer
  2. Launch iTunes and hold the Option(Shift) key while clicking on “Check for Update” to load an .ipcc file
  3. Select the .ipcc file to sync the .ipcc to the iOS device
  4. Disconnect the iOS device and reboot it for changes to take effect

Step 4

Well there is no step 4, mine was done in these steps only :) I hope you guys also get facetime back with these steps only

Please comment if you guys need any help 

Please note, you will be notified again for the Carrier settings, please ignore this and dont install new update, else you will again loose your facetime.

Just to be sure i am attaching my phones screenshots