Saturday, 3 October 2015

YouTube Fix Application

Hello all,
Finally an application to unlock youtube without using proxy, vpns or any kind of paid service.
Just run the tweak tool and your youtube will be unlocked!

Visit my new community forum here and download this tool.

Thanks Everyone!

Monday, 23 June 2014

Iphone: Bring back (our beloved) facetime on Ufone and Telenor (now Mobilink,Warid and Zong also) network IPhones

[Note:] This is my old post from last year focusing on ufone and telenor only, but now i have patched all networks configurations so im updating them here! 

Hello all,
Three days back I got and update on my IPhone for carrier settings, as normal i updated it. It just took a second and everything seems fine! First thing I noticed the carrier name "PK-UFONE" turned to "Ufone" and it looked quite pleasing :)

But as the day passed and on that night later i want to call my cousin in New York, i realized my facetime app was missing. i quickly popped down the search bar and types facetime and the results only showed facebook, but no facetime. It was a great disappointment :( how ufone blocked my my facetime i was really very angry!
Well searching well on the internet i met miTime, but it required jalibreak, but im not a very big fan of JB n planned to search something else.

Long story short, i have found the hack to unlock facetime again and here it is explained:

The carrier setting in IOS are called Carrier bundles, in these bundles all the carrier provided settings are deployed to iphone including limitations and restrictions on changing apn and blocking facetime as well.

Step 1.

First unlock iTunes to enable detection of carrier config files
Out of the box, iTunes will not usually allow bundles to be sideloaded onto an iOS device. To make iTunes play nice, it’s easily fixed
For Mac OS X; open up and paste in the following;
defaults write carrier-testing -bool true
For Windows, open up Run (Winkey+R) and paste the following;

"%ProgramFiles%\iTunes\iTunes.exe" /setPrefInt carrier-testing 1
 "C:\Program Files (x86)\iTunes\iTunes.exe” /setPrefInt carrier-testing 1
If you’re running Windows x64 bit, do this instead:

Step 2

Download your network's (facetime enabled) iphone-carrier-config (ipcc) file:

old_Ufone: download
old_Telenor: download

[New additions:]
Ufone: download
Telenor: download
Warid: download
Mobilink: download
Zong: download

(Old files are for IOS 7.1.x)

Step 3

Loading .ipcc Files onto an iPad or iPhone with iTunes
Now that carrier mode is enabled, you can load carrier files onto the iOS device. In either OS X or Windows:
  1. Connect the iOS device to the computer
  2. Launch iTunes and hold the Option(Shift) key while clicking on “Check for Update” to load an .ipcc file
  3. Select the .ipcc file to sync the .ipcc to the iOS device
  4. Disconnect the iOS device and reboot it for changes to take effect

Step 4

Well there is no step 4, mine was done in these steps only :) I hope you guys also get facetime back with these steps only

Please comment if you guys need any help 

Please note, you will be notified again for the Carrier settings, please ignore this and dont install new update, else you will again loose your facetime.

Just to be sure i am attaching my phones screenshots

Wednesday, 7 May 2014

Free Ufone 3G

Ufone offered free 3G services in Karachi, Lahore and Islamabad till 10th May 2014.

However it is not confirmed that they will extened this free service more...
Internet buckets are not yet ready to announce and some leaked packed are seen over the air in past few days, disappointing many of the dedicated loyal customers of Ufone PTML, as these leaked packages shows the internet buckets rate are significantly high :O

Another point to addon, 3G services are offered in few basic regions of the above mentioned cities, so not all customers of Ufone will be able to enjoy the newly offered service of unlimited upload/download at 10mbps...

Now lets wait a few days to see the PTML's next move in development of 3G services across the country :)

Update: Just recevied a text message from Ufone 3G, the limit of 3G trial in pakistan till 10th May is now extended! Hence we can enjoy a few more days of totally free high speed internet on our phones! :)

Friday, 6 December 2013

Iphone Developers are now on Boom!

Computer and Mobile Technology is a vastly growing industry in Pakistan... from last few years the world is struggling for achieving the best performance from available resources in their current hardware. Software development industry is continuously forcing the hardware vendors to produce more and more powerful hardware to run their apps and applications!

Most prominent mobile operating systems which stands out on mobile platforms are android and apple ios. Current situation in Pakistan is most likely to share the biggest portion of development to the mobile development, and is rapidly increasing day by day.

From last few months especially after the release of IOS 7 from Apple, the sales and resale of Apple Iphone have created a swirl in mobile pakistani phone market, its like the iphone took a rebirth in Pakistan, leaving android a bit behind because of its cheap manufactures, degraded performance and some unaddressed issues.

IPhone Developers in pakistan are now on a staged condition for the new era to arrive "2014 the age of smartphones", and just as the January will pass, the apple developers will be committed to work on a more a promising pay and will be presented a huge workload to balance and finish.

Latest Android Device?

Well there arent any new breakthrough in android market since last few weeks but here is a short list of phones which are released  in last 3 months, select your perfect christmas gift before its out of stock :P Have a look:

  1. Samsung Galaxy Grand 2
  2. Motorola Moto G
  3. Google Nexus 5
  4. Verizon Wireless Ellipsis 7
  5. LG G Flex 
  6. Samsung Galaxy Light
  7. HTC One max
  8. LG G Pro Lite
  9. Samsung Galaxy Round
  10. Alcatel One Touch Evolve
  11. Alcatel One Touch Fierce

Thursday, 5 December 2013

Smartphone killed off the Christmas gadget gift

Buying someone a gadget for Christmas might look harder than ever this year. In years gone by you might have bought the gadget freak in your life a peculiar alarm clock, that neat new voice recorder, or even a gleaming new satnav system. If you really loved them, you might buy them a video camera, or a digital camera.
Now? All those functions – the £100 functionality of a satnav, the £500 functionality of a video camera – have been rolled into, swallowed by, smartphones. A few years ago Vic Keegan, my predecessor, began trying to count the number of functions that mobile phones (what we'd now call featurephones) had begun taking onboard. There was the alarm clock, timer, world clock, address book, music player; quite soon the camera joined in. Then video came in too – blocky at first, but increasingly good.

But the arrival in force of the smartphone has accelerated everything. The smartphones available now are general-purpose computers, at least to the extent that developers can think of what to write for them. Satnav functions? Built in to all the major smartphone platforms now. Camera and video function? That's absolutely assumed, and while many phones can't compete directly with a top-end digital SLR, Nokia has set the benchmark until some time in 2015 with the 41-megapixel camera in its Lumia 1020 . But that's just how it is. Sales of digital cameras, camcorders, and satnavs are heading the same way as those of analogue cameras and film. Ask Kodak how that ended.

It's pretty obvious that the smartphone is going to take over any sort of function that can be digitised or computerised. Or, if the task requires a larger canvas – sketching, say, or writing a length, or examining images in detail – that they could be done on a tablet. Or, perhaps, a computer. But those are so cumbersome and hard to carry around.

Controlling lights and heating? Easy with a smartphone or tablet, through Bluetooth and other wireless control systems. Reading books? Yes, can do that too. (Amazon's Kindle app is available for smartphones and tablets – you don't necessarily need a Kindle.) And the app stores aren't underserved either when it comes to trivial apps which don't serve any particular function except to kill time, and aren't "useful" in the normal sense of the word.

So if you are trying to buy something for the person in your life who loves gadgets, you're going to have to think well outside the smartphone-shaped box. It's just over 10 years – April 2003 – since the Innovations Catalogue, that bazaar for the bizarre, was axed. It offered such wonders as revolving wine racks, heated eyelash curlers, and a hammock that didn't need trees. Now those were things and functions that you couldn't absorb into a computer. And no doubt they came from the wellspring of a very human imagination. A revolving wine rack! Of course!
Don't worry. A quick search suggests that there's no shortage of sites offering completely useless gadgets at entirely reasonable prices. Right now I'm looking at a Death Star cookie jar (£35), a Tetris light (rearrange the shapes and colours to your taste! £30), zombie head decanter (such a fine holder for that 30-year-old brandy; £20). And oh, so much more which can never be done by a computer. Because, apart from anything, who would want to?

Monday, 2 December 2013

Free Internet for Warid customers all around pakistan

Free Internet for Warid customers

As i have posted the workaround for free ufone internet here now i have found a work around for warid also...

  • Connection Name: warid 
  • APN: waridwap 
  • Proxy: 
  • Port: 2500 

Just start by adding a new connection in your android or any other phone like the following:

Just save your settings and re-enable your connection or simply just restart your phone!

Now for android (root required) to use all the application you need to use a proxy tunneling application like (my fav) ProxyDroid visit Configure the settings as shown here and restart your connection.

Thats it!